BJP’s founding member RK Sinha met the Prime Minister, discussed on natural farming based on cow dung and cow urine.


Delhi: BJP’s founding member and former MP RK Sinha calls on Prime Minister Narendra Modi at his parliamentary office. Giving information about these things after the meeting, RK Sinha said that there was an intimate private discussion for about twenty minutes. In this discussion, the Prime Minister mainly wanted to know that how has been the experience of the natural farming being done by me based on the cow dung and cow urine of indigenous cows? I further shared my experience with them and told them that zero budget natural farming is based on indigenous cow dung and cow urine. A farmer can do natural farming on 30 acres of land with the dung and urine of a country cow. Beejamrit, Jeevamrit, Ghan Jeevamrit and ten animal juices are made from cow dung and cow urine. Which is used in different ways on crops. He told that the use of chemical elements in the field destroys the fertility of the soil. The productivity of organic farming grows slowly. Also, the required manure requires a large quantity of cow dung, which requires a lot of animals per acre and takes more labor. After discussing in detail, RK Sinha also presented a copy of his new book “Modi Aur Shah: Manzil Aur Raah”

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